The  most positive  way to  establish a  successful pack  is to  think  dog.    Modern  dog educators usually omit this  most important aspect, or make up something of their own,

with the situation becoming negative.


Uschi  Fuchs,   Award  Winning  Trainer,  has 29+ years  of experience as a  world class breeder, trainer, and competitor.  She understands dogs, she think dog. Her training techniques are fast,

effective and the lessons are  easy to learn for  both dogs and their people.  With  K9 University

Internationale,  based in  Phoenix,  Arizona,  you,  as the  owner/handler  will learn  new training

techniques  and  your dog will learn to focus on  you  and respond willingly to  your  commands,

since it's been taught in his language.

Dogs also know that someone has to lead, and someone has to follow.


If you decide to be the follower, problems are forseen.

Our  courses  will help  you  to be  consistent with  your dog training and  your relationship  will

improve as well.  You will be amazed at how fast your dog will learn with Uschi's techniques, and

how much he will enjoy it.                 Find out more about   Uschi - The Trainer   and read her

Accomplishments   to get a feel of her knowledge.

With   K9 University Internationale,   based in  Phoenix,  Arizona   you get  the    Ultimate   Dog

Training Experience and it will help you to have a well behaved and happy:


  • Companion Dog
  • Obedience Dog
  • Competition Dog
  • Personal Protection Dog
  • Schutzhund Dog
  • Agility Dog


Obedience Class


Our obedience training is always held under  distraction  and never in a back

yard. The class is an hour long and is going for 5 weeks. You can achieve as

much as heeling your dog in the beginner class when training with

K9 University Internationale in Phoenix.


We visit malls,



or meet in the park.





Competition Obedience Class


We keep this class very small to ensure you get a lot of one on

one quality time with Uschi.   This class is for puppies as well as

for adult dogs, any age.


Train   for   AKC,    PSA,   or    Schutzhund    competition  with

K9 University Internationale,  based in Phoenix, Arizona and get the Ultimate Dog Training Experience.


Uschi's drive based training techniques are easy to learn and fun to train with. 



         Considering getting a new family member?

         Why not rescue a dog?


         A  SPECIAL  ONE.......A  LUCKY  ONE.